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What’s the difference between you and the venue coordinator?

The main difference between the Venue Coordinator and the Wedding Coordinator, is that the Wedding Coordinator works for YOU! You two (and your family + guests) will be our primary concern , whereas the Venue Coordinator's attention is first and foremost on the venue, their staff, and the services they provide (food, bar, etc.).

We basically take care of everything else……. Creating a detailed timeline + keeping the schedule going, coordinating with all your vendors, putting out your personal decor (place cards, card box, cake serving set, etc.), line everyone up + send them down the aisle for the ceremony, making sure you have a drink in your hand and a smile on your face all night long, and so much more!

Do you travel and are you insured?

Yes!  We are based in Charleston, SC but are happy to travel throughout the East coast. Please contact us for pricing.

Do you have a minimum budget/what is your pricing?

While we do not have a budget minimum, our clients' budgets typically average between $60,000 - $90,000. Our services for Wedding Management begin at $3,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine pricing?

Pricing is determined based on your venue(s), guest count, time of year, scope of work, and what you personally need assistance with. Wedding Management begins at $3,000, while Full Service Planning + Design begins at $7,000.

Do you work with clients that live out of town?

Absolutely! Around 80% of our clients are not local to the Lowcountry. We are very comfortable working around your schedule when you are in town and conducting meetings virtually.

Will you bring an assistant the day of our wedding?

Yes! Up to 2 assistants are included in all of our packages. Additional assistants may be added on at a later date, based on the scope of the wedding - you decide to have multiple locations; our decor plan ends up being much more involved than originally planned; the venue requires us to setup + breakdown their tables and chairs; we are doing some sort of flip from ceremony to reception, etc. This is determined on a case by case basis.

Do you work with BIPOC & LGBTQ+ couples?

Absolutely!  We love EVERY love story. We do not discriminate based on race, creed, sexual orientation, religion, or anything else!

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